August 2017

Force Delivery: Endpoints


In my last post, I mentioned that jiu-jitsu was, in large part, about delivering or redirecting force.  Every position, technique, or move has one or more important points of contact with the opponent or with the mat.  It's important to recognize where these important parts are, and to make sure that the point of contact [...]

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July 2017

Ramps and Shelves


It is often said that jiu-jitsu is the art of using your opponent's force against them.  This is true, to a certain extent.  However, like most brief, pithy sayings, it is imprecise and incomplete.  I prefer to think of it, in part, in terms of delivering and redirecting force (regardless of its source).  One of [...]

Ramps and Shelves2017-07-14T08:53:30+00:00
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