Play It Safe Classes for Girls Scouts

As Seen on “Dr. Phil” & “The Doctors T.V”

Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

All levels earn their “Awareness Patch.”

We teach our students to “GO CHIHUAHUA CRAZY!”

PLAY IT SAFE is a fun, interactive, age-appropriate method that teaches students to respond appropriately to unique challenges they might face such as: dealing with bullies, friendship drama, stranger awareness, inappropriate touch from someone they might know, and abduction defense.

PLAY IT SAFE is based on a simple, but very effective, step-by-step approach. Students role-play learned techniques against trained instructors in age-appropriate scenarios. This 2-hour empowering class teaches girls to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries, and trust their intuition. This is reinforced through hands-on, repetitive training. Students will role-play with a mock stranger and a mock bully, while being coached by an instructor.


All levels earn their “Awareness Patch.” Troops that take a refreshers class or a Level-2 class earn the “Go Chihuahua Crazy” patch, the “Back-Off” patch, or the “B.O.B.” patch. Four patches can be earned.

Bring Play It Safe to Your Location

WE CAN ALSO TRAVEL TO YOUR TROOP’S LOCATION. The cost of the workshops are on a per student basis, based upon location. The registration fee includes an “Awareness” patch for each student and an informational supplement for the parents. A class size of 15-25 students is needed within a 25 mile radius of Downtown Philadelphia. We suggest combining troops, or inviting friends and siblings. The minimum is higher outside of that radius. Please email us for class fee & minimum outside of the Philadelphia Area.

We also hold workshops at our home gym 

We’re located in Ardmore, PA.

Please contact Play It Safe for fees and available dates. Bring your troop to one of our clinics. We welcome ANY size troop.

For more information, please call Main Line United BJJ at 484-416-3493 or Email: [email protected]

Our next Class is scheduled for: TBD